A section of Broadway south of the City Center District includes smaller scale commercial buildings. The buildings in this area are in generally good condition. One building that stands out the most on South Broadway is the former American State Bank Building near the corner of 17th Avenue. The impressive terracotta detailing and large neoclassical columns that flank the main entry are excellent examples of early 20th century commercial architecture.

South along Broadway corridor is a district that is one of the most culturally significant areas in the Gary. Known as Historic Midtown or The Central District, this area was one of the most notable African-American communities in Gary and was well known as being a haven for many talented Jazz and Blues musicians of the 20th century. Historic Midtown is approximately located south of 15th Avenue, north of Gleason Park, east of Harrison Boulevard, and west of Carolina Street. With the aid of a Historic Preservation Education Grant from the HLFI, the Department of Minority Studies at Indiana University Northwest was able to conduct research on Historic Midtown. A Historic Midtown Tour Map was created indicating culturally significant buildings such as Roosevelt High School, the Jackson 5 family home, some of the first African-American-owned businesses in Gary, and the home of famous educator Ida B. King.

This research done by the Department of Minority Studies can be used as a catalyst to revitalize the Historic Midtown District. An inspiring example can be found in Kansas City, Missouri at the Historic 18th and Vine Street District, a similar African-American community that was as well known for being a lively Jazz and Blues area. The 18th and Vine Street District is still being revitalized and includes a new American Jazz Museum, revitalized loft apartments, African-American owned businesses, and decorative banners celebrating the district’s heritage.