A cluster of notable residential areas can be found west of Downtown. This includes single-family and multi-family homes and apartment buildings. The buildings range from modest workers’ housing to large Tudor Style homes and impressive apartment buildings:

  • West 5th Avenue Apartments Historic District (W. 5th Ave. between Taft and Fillmore Streets) majority built 1920-1930; originally one of the Gary Land Company’s developments for U.S. Steel plant managers and some steel workers; approximately 50 buildings, majority currently occupied and in good condition; NR 1984
  • Horace Mann Historic District (between W. 5th and W. 8th Avenues and Roosevelt and Cleveland Streets) majority built 1920-1940; large-scale period revival, primarily Tudor Revival; homes good to excellent condition, little alteration to historic facades; winding streets, large yards
    • Horace Mann High School (560 Garfield St.) c. 1928, closed 2004; good condition; excellent example of Collegiate Gothic architecture
  • Eskilson Historic District (Between W. 5th and W. 3rd Avenues and Cleveland and Grant Streets) majority built 1927-1930; typically one-and-a-half- or two-story bungalows and American Four-Squares; cohesive scale of homes and yards throughout neighborhood; majority in good condition
  • Lincoln Street Historic District (Between W. 6th and W. 8th Avenues and Hayes and Fillmore Streets) majority built c. 1920; majority in good condition; Colonial Revival most prevalent style; large yards and winding streets
    • Wilbur Wynant House (600 Fillmore St.) c. 1920, vacant; American System-Built home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright; heavily damaged from a fire; history denoted on www.chameyer.net; NR 1994
  • U.S. Steel Workers Housing (Buchanan St. between 3rd and 5th Avenues) developed by Gary Land Co. c. 1910-1916, occupancy of homes vary; majority fair condition
  • Ambridge School (4th Ave. between Ellsworth and Rutledge Streets) c. 1923; good condition
  • Engine Company No.8 (2800 W. 5th Ave.) c. 1926; good condition, little to no alterations made to existing Tudor Revival building