• Meetings occur every 2nd Wednesday of the month at
  • Gary City Hall in the Council Lounge at 3pm
    401 Broadway
    2nd Floor
    Gary, IN 46402


The commission is comprised of 8 members appointed by the mayor.

  • Patricia Brown
  • Greg Jenkins
  • Junifer Hall
  • Derreka Rollins
  • Benjamin Robinson
  • Teresa Guzman
  • Carmen Wilson
  • Darryl McCoullough
  • Planning Liaison Imran Khalid

Honoring Founding President Commissioner Naomi Millinder, Emeritus, 1945 - 2018

Creation and Purpose

Gary's Redevelopment is dependent on the Gary Historic Preservation Commission's success of protecting and preserving historic sites.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identification of historic structures and buildings
  • Educational purposes (Walking Tours)
  • Examine conditions of historic buildings
  • Developing design guidelines for historic districts
  • Serving as a resource to the residents of Gary


The GHPC is the host of the Reception held immediately after the end of the Walking Tour at 3pm on September 14th.