Planning, Redevelopment and Zoning Division

Making Gary safe, livable, and clean is the overarching vision that guides all planning efforts. Planning encourages progressive land use decisions, consistently works to improve City of Gary ordinances and processes, and carefully reviews each development plan. We provide assistance to businesses, developers, and residents as they seek permits and licenses, develop site plans and start business operations so we can continue to rebuild and strengthen our City together.

We believe that accountability in government starts with providing a process that everyone can understand and a streamlined approach to problem-solving.

Contract Notices for Services Provided to the Agency

Joseph A. Van Dyk
Director of Redevelopment & Planning

Carrol Pirtle
Deputy Director of Redevelopment

Sarah Kobetis
Deputy Director of Planning

Cedric Kuykendall
Demolition Coordinator

504 Broadway, Suite 200
Gary, IN 46402
p: 219-886-1531
f: 219-886-1537

Mary Hurt
Zoning Administrator
401 Broadway Room 304
p: 219-881-1332
f: 219-886-0817

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