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Making Gary safe, livable, and clean is the overarching vision that guides all planning efforts. Planning encourages progressive land use decisions, consistently works to improve City of Gary ordinances and processes, and carefully reviews each development plan. We provide assistance to businesses, developers, and residents as they seek permits and licenses, develop site plans and start business operations so we can continue to rebuild and strengthen our City together.

We believe that accountability in government starts with providing a process that everyone can understand and a streamlined approach to problem-solving.

860 N Lake Street Request for Proposal

860 N Lake St RFP (final) - posted 4-23-19
Addendum 01 - Publication of Notice to Bidders - posted 5-3-19
Frequently Asked Questions - posted 5-3-19

The City of Gary and Gary Redevelopment Commission (collectively “The City”) seeks an anchor development for hospitality/tourism, commerce, and potential eco-tourism, to complement the Indiana dunes waterfront, while capitalizing on significant year-round traffic.This is a unique opportunity to provide an asset solely available at this location. Lake Street Beach is the northernmost activity center along a newly revitalized commercial corridor currently undergoing nearly $400 million in public investment.

The City will consider the following uses:

- hospitality/hotels/lodging
- restaurants and dining
- unique attractions (science centers, museums, recreational amenities, etc.)
- tourist-oriented retail and pedestrian-oriented commerce

As a destination site with a substantial potential impact, a responsive proposal will not only be an economic driver, but also respect the surrounding environment and enhance the quality of life for Gary’s residents. Gary’s residents and local businesses have communicated the following guiding principles through robust public conversation via the Marquette Plan (2005), City of Gary Comprehensive Plan (ongoing), Gary Northside Redevelopment Project (2013), and Miller Neighborhood Spotlight Initiative (ongoing).

Focus on Eco-Tourism: The Indiana Dunes National Park draws 3.5 million visitors annually. The Property’s redevelopment is the single best chance to increase park traffic and highlight our natural assets. A responsive proposal will make the connection between nature and commercial opportunity.

Preservation of Public Access: The Property includes a 600-foot stretch of Lake Street, the central north-south corridor that connects Lake Michigan’s beachfront with the Lake Street commercial node and Miller rail station. Lake Street and the existing Chanute Trail must remain freely accessible public rights-of-way providing access to the waterfront and park network. Public access of the beach is non-negotiable, and a responsive proposal will preserve/enhance public access to the Lake Michigan waterfront and seek to re-purpose or replace existing utilities and public facilities, including public restrooms.

Protection of Existing Dunes and Wetlands: While the majority of the site consists of an already developed footprint, to the extent these areas abut natural dune features, a responsible proposal will preserve and enhance the natural assets that make the site unique and attractive; new development will observe a natural buffer from neighboring residences and natural assets.

Attractive, Responsible Design: Whether reconstruction of the existing facility or construction of a new facility, design choices will complement and enhance the lakefront’s natural beauty. A responsive proposal will reflect the character of the lakeshore and exemplify accessibility through context sensitive universal design standards and pedestrian-oriented principles.

RFP Timeline:

Week of April 22, 2019: Request for Proposals issued
June 19, 2019: Responses due to City of Gary Redevelopment Commission Responses opened at a public hearing
June 21, 2019: Notification to responsive bidders in advance of public presentation
Week of June 24, 2019: Responsive bidders will present their proposals at a public meeting
July 17, 2019: Gary Redevelopment Commission award at public hearing

Questions regarding this Request for Proposals can be directed to the following (email correspondence is strongly preferred):

Joe van Dyk
City of Gary Redevelopment Commission
504 Broadway, S200
Gary, Indiana 46403
(219) 886-1531

860 N. Lake Street RFP: Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the City of Gary’s desire to continue the openness and transparency of this process, we will continually update the FAQ’s. If you have any questions about the RFP, please email Joe van Dyk at:

Is the city selling the shoreline?

No, the city is not selling the shoreline. The city is looking to sell or lease the developable envelope of the 21-acre parcel. See, Preservation of Public Access (Pg 5) “Public access of the beach is non-negotiable, and a responsive proposal will preserve/enhance public access to the Lake Michigan waterfront and seek to re-purpose or replace existing utilities and public facilities, including public restrooms.”

Will this be a sale or lease?

IC 36-7-14 allows for the sale or lease of the property and the city is considering both options as part of the RFP process.

What will the development look like and what prevents a developer from building whatever they want?

The RFP is a broad document by design and was drafted this way to ensure the city attracts the best possible outcome for the site. However, a proposal is just that, a proposal. Before any portion of the 21 acres is allowed to be redeveloped, the developer will need to first have an approved development agreement. This agreement can contain a wide range of conditions and claw back provisions that ensure compliance and must be approved by the Redevelopment Commission. This project, as with any other development, will be required to go through the zoning, planning, and building review processes to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local codes. The city’s boards and commissions that approve a final development plan are open to the public.

What incentives is the city offering?

There are several incentives available (see section 5), however this does not ensure any development will be granted them. Any incentives will go through a review process and evaluation. Before any incentives are approved they must be voted on by the appropriate city board.

Will the public have an opportunity to view the proposals and comment?

Yes, the public will be able to view and provide comments during the review process (Please view Exhibit A for full detail).

Information on the subdivide of 860 North Lake Street
(5600-64 Indian Boundary, Parcel Number 45-05-31-201-001.000-004)


The City of Gary Department of Planning and Redevelopment intends to subdivide the parcel at the north end of Lake Street, commonly referred to as Lake Street Beach or 860 North Lake Street, with the official address of 5600-64 Indian Boundary, for the purpose of economic development. The request to subdivide the single parcel will result in two parcels with two addresses, as to allow the City to record the western 24 acre parcel under ownership of the Gary Redevelopment Commission, and the remaining eastern parcel under the name of the City of Gary Parks Department. A map of the proposed subdivision is below, as is the notice of public hearing.

860 N Lake St Subdivide Map


The Gary City Plan Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 12 Noon in the City of Gary Municipal Building (City Hall) located at 401 Broadway, Gary, Indiana, on the 2nd Floor in the Council Lounge.

PC 19-01 - City of Gary Department of Planning and Redevelopment, 504 Broadway, Gary, Indiana petitioning to Subdivide 24 Acres of an existing 65.5 Acres at approximately 5600-64 Indian Boundary, Gary, Indiana to Transfer from City of Gary to Redevelopment Commission & Parks Department.

You may telephone the Gary City Plan Commission at (219) 881-1332 for further information. Also, you may appear before the Plan Commission to voice your opinion and/or concerns regarding this matter.

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Parcel 5
Buffington Harbor
6200 Industrial Highway
Gary, Indiana

Gary Ex-Patriates Economic Development Projects Webinar

Gary Ex-Patriates Investment Development
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