City of Gary Truck Routes and Restrictions

The City of Gary is committed to reducing the adverse impacts of truck noise and vibrations on residents while ensuring the continued delivery of goods and services to business and residences in the City. The City works toward these goals through a number of efforts, including:

  • Management of construction truck activity and routing in the City through the coordinated efforts of the Traffic Department and the Public Works Department;
  • and Restricting the operation of through-trucks from sensitive residential streets through coordination with the Traffic Department.

Major Road and Lane Closures

  • Walsh & Kelly – for a street cut permit and road closure on Georgia Street at Little Calumet Trail. The Little Calumet River Basin Development Commission will increase the grade of Georgia Street approximately 3.5 feet. This is to eliminate the need for sandbag closure during flood conditions. The expected start date is May 2, 2016 and the duration of construction is approximately 30 days, weather permitting
  • Baseline NXC – install fiber optic cable inside existing conduit on Adams Street between 41st & 45th Avenue and on 45th Avenue between Adams Street and Grant Street. The work will begin after approval and expected duration is 5 days for completion.
  • (WOW) – Is install fiber optic cable to feed Verizon Cell Towers by horizontal directional boring. CCS has indicated on their plans submitted to Public Works that a construction contractor has not been determine. The work will begin at approximately 26th Ave & Mount St, then north to 25th Ave, then east on 25th Ave to Jennings, then south on Jennings St to INDOT right of-way for I-80/94.

Truck Routes
While trucks are permitted on streets where they have a destination on that street, all trucks are encouraged to use the system of designated Truck Routes.

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Truck Restrictions
No commercial vehicle weighing in excess of seven and one half tons gross weight shall be permitted upon the boulevards of the city, except that such vehicles may cross a boulevard at an intersection and may enter upon the boulevards, provided that the vehicles shall leave the boulevard at the nearest serviceable cross street.

Wide Load/Over Load Permits
In order to receive a Wide Load or over load permit for a vehicle from the City of Gary
we need following:

A Letter from you addressed to

Ms. Cloteal LaBroi, Director
Department of Public Works
City of Gary
401 Broadway, Room 300
Gary,IN. 46402.

Your letter should provide the following details

1) Overall Length, Width, and height of the vehicle

2) Overall Gross weight

3) Spacing of axles, No. of axles and the weight carried by each axle.

4) Proposed Route.

5) How the vehicle will be escorted thru the City Streets.

6) Estimated date of travel by this vehicle if known.

The Board of Public Works and Safety meet only once a week on every Wednesday. Your request should be received at least 5 days prior to their meeting for the staff to review your request and make their recommendation to the Board.

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