Business Licenses
FROM: City of Gary, Department of Finance
DATE: April 24, 2006

As of January 1, 2006, the procedure for the General Business Application has been changed. Completed applications should be forwarded to the Zoning Department, 401 Broadway, 3rd floor, Gary, IN 46402. All applications submitted on Monday by 4:00 pm of each week will be reviewed on Thursday of the same week by the City of Gary Cabinet Members. After this process, the estimated approval time is five (5) to ten (10) business days.

*Note: TO ALL GARY APPLICANTS: The Building Department must inspect all businesses. Please call (219) 881-1377 to schedule an appointment one-week after your application has been submitted. The application will not be approved until this process is complete. Also Code Enforcement, Health Department, and the Fire Department will conduct an inspection if applicable. When the application is approved, the Zoning Department will notify you by phone that the license is ready for pick-up.

ALL licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis in January.

Listed below are download ready pdf applications for various business licenses.
These applications can be filled out and delivered to the Finance office.

Amusement Device – operator

Amusement Device – vendor

Billiard and Pool Hall

Bowling Alley License

Circuses and Carnivals

Commercial Animal Establishments

Dry Cleaning

Flea Market

Food License (Restaurant and Retail)

General Business License

General Business License – Renewal

Hotel & Motel License

Limousine Operations Business License

Junk Dealer License

Masseuse or Masseur License

Parade License

Pawnbroker License

Peddlers and Transient Merchants License (guidelines)

Peddlers License

Transient Merchants License

Public Amusement License

Riding Stable/Academies

Scavenger License

Second-Hand Auto Dealer – original and renewal

Special Event Vendor License

Taxicab Operations Business License