Spring into Action
Let us help you with your spring-cleaning. Recycling is the key! It’s smart, simple and free!

Recycle newspaper, office paper, magazines, cardboard, metal cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic containers.

Recycling helps save tax dollars, precious landfill space, and the environment! Did you know that 80% of your trash is recyclable? It’s true! All the paper, glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard found in your trash can is recyclable.

After using a product, rinse and toss the empty container into your red recycling bin. Tie paper and cardboard with string or place in brown paper bag. On your regular garbage day just sit your recycling bin curbside before 7a.m.

Yard waste is collected too! Place grass clippings & leaves in the brown paper lawn bags and sit out with your recycling bin. Biodegradable bags can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Recycle with “Benji” Call the General Services if you need a bin or more information: 882-8445

Paper not plastic Please!

Why the city of Gary cannot pick up leaves or grass in plastic bags

Leaves and yard-waste can no longer be disposed of in Landfills. These biodegradable wastes are recycled into mulch and compost at spacial facilities. Compost facilities will not take leaves in plastic bags because plastic does not break down into organic material. Brown paper bags are biodegradable and become part of the compost in the recycling process.

Brown paper compost bags can be purchased at large hardware and home supply stores. If you place your leaves and yard-waste in brown paper compost bags at the curb, the City of Gary will pick up the bagged material on recycling day. If you have questions about the city’s recycling program call (219) 882-8445 and ask for the Recycling Department.