Welcome to the City of Gary’s Volunteer Center! Gary’s volunteer program works within the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services, and we aim to engage citizens to give back to the community by removing blight, addressing citizen concerns, distributing food, and more.

Our mission is to involve all Gary residents in the community. Engaged citizens create an enriching community and address the city’s needs more than the city ever could on its own.

Feel free to browse our volunteer opportunities or stop by our office any time at 401 Broadway, Suite 200.


Download our volunteer application.

> Download our volunteer waiver.


Did you know…

  • Youth service results in a 40% lower risk of academic failure, school suspension, or teen pregnancy.
  • Volunteers are 30% less likely to report poor health than non-volunteers.
  • Volunteers are 27% more likely to find a job after being out of work than non-volunteers. Volunteers without a high school diploma are 51% more likely to find a job than those who don’t volunteer.
  • Volunteers who serve monthly are 7% happier than non-volunteers; those who serve bimonthly are 12% happier; those who serve weekly are 16% happier.

(Statistics courtesy of NYC Service)