Thank you for coordinating a community clean-up. Please read and adhere to the following policies regarding your application and dumpster request:

Community Clean-Up Application

General guidelines:

  • Dumpster requests will be taken from April through October.
  • You must place your request at least two weeks prior to your clean-up. They will be dropped of on Friday morning and picked up on Monday morning. On holiday weekends, the dumpster will be picked up on Tuesday.
  • Dumpster requests are provided based on supply availability.
  • Attach a flyer and a before photo with your application.


  • Do email or fax your request application, flyer, and before photo to the Mayor’s Office
    of Constituent Services. Fax: 219-881-5268, email: This information will be sent to the city Communications Department to be published in the weekly newsletter.
  • Do provide the exact location for your requested dumpster to be placed. Ideally this is on a vacant lot. Dumpsters cannot be moved until pickup.
  • Do send after photos once your clean-up is complete.


  • Do not overfill the dumpster. You will receive a citation and may not be able to place future requests if your dumpster is overfilled.
  • Do not place tires in the dumpster. PLEASE INFORM US FOR TIRE PICKUP.
  • Do not place household items in the dumpster. The purpose of a community clean-up is to clean the neighborhoods, not personal use. The dumpster is to be used only for debris, branches, grass, and illegally dumped items.