What is a Block Club?

A Block Club is a neighborhood effort to address problems and concerns that both you and your neighbors share. It is a good idea to keep the organization of the block club basic and user friendly.

Block Clubs can be formal or informal. Formal clubs usually consist of elected officers, utilizing Robert’s Rules of Order for conducting meetings, a set of bylaws, and the collection of dues or assessments. Informal Block Clubs often have no identified leader, just neighbors who get together and work on one or two projects a year. The organization of the projects is up to whoever has the available time and energy.

Why should my block become a block club?

There are many problems in the community today that each of us are concerned about. When people come together to develop solutions to their concerns, their collective voice will be heard and there is more likely to be action.

How do you start a Block Club?

Ask three or four of your neighbors if they would be interested in starting a Block Club. The Urban League of Northwest Indiana will help you get organized.

Does it have to be just my block?

A Block Club can consist of several connecting blocks, two streets connected by an alley, or an apartment building. You define what you want your “block” to be.

How often do we have to meet?

You set your own meeting schedule. Some Block Clubs meet monthly, some every six months, others only when they need to.

Gary Building Blocks Newsletter:

The Urban League of Northwest Indiana and the City of Gary have partnered to create a quarterly newsletter to spread the word about Block Club accomplishments, city events, and other relevant information. Please find the published newsletters below.

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