Mission Statement

As we move to develop the structure and the guiding principles of the Gary Department of Commerce, “we promise more responsive government with a focus on service delivery and an action oriented culture. Our primary purpose in the areas of job creation and economic development will be to move our city “forward faster.

Business Case

The City of Gary is moving “forward faster.” Located 35 minutes from downtown Chicago, Illinois, we offer great accessibility to interstates and rails for logistical distribution which will drive our business and industrial development. In addition to our obvious connection to the global economy, we enjoy the beautiful natural features like the lakefront and beaches along the southern tip of Lake Michigan. As a result, our development planning seeks to build upon our natural assets and complement our existing transportation and logistics infrastructure. The Honorable Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and the Department of Commerce invite you to join our efforts to rebuild Gary, Indiana, one brick at a time.


Redevelopment Division
Community Development
Buildings Department
Environmental Affairs Division
Planning Division
Zoning Division