860 North Lake Street Update!

Dear Gary Residents:
The City has received a number of inquiries expressing interest in the proposed development at the north end of Lake Street; more specifically, the property where the former Charter School of the Dunes was located and commonly referred to as 860 N. Lake Street. We write this letter to update you on the progress toward a responsible development on that property. As it exists today, the north Lake Street property is platted as part of a large, roughly 65-acre parcel. We’ve spent the last 30 days reviewing environmental conditions (the full report is available online at www.garyin.us/redevelopment/), and working with the Parks Department and public safety personnel to determine a footprint for potential development and a second footprint solely for natural preservation (see figures below). At the Plan Commission meeting on March 12th, the City will request that the property be divided, accordingly (see public notice, below). The subdivision will create two separate properties, and allow the City to record the western 24-acre parcel under ownership of the Gary Redevelopment Commission. The remaining eastern parcel will be recorded under the name of the City of Gary Parks Department.

This action is strictly a technical procedure to create two separate addresses and does not signify or permit development. This is the first step before the City (through the Gary Redevelopment Commission), can put the western property out for bid for potential development, through a Request for Proposals (RFP).

Process going forward: Once the property is split into two parcels, the City of Gary/ Board of Public Works and Safety will transfer the western parcel to Redevelopment and the eastern parcel to the Parks Department. The Redevelopment Commission and Parks Board will then have to formally accept the parcels at their respective meetings. While the city has received a substantial number of suggestions toward potential development on north Lake Street, the Redevelopment Commission will post a draft RFP available for public comment this month. The draft will provide everyone with the opportunity to review, specifically, what the City seeks in potential development at the site. We encourage you to be on the lookout for that notice. During the 30-day public comment period, residents can send any feedback directly to the Director of Redevelopment, Joe van Dyk. We will, in turn, incorporate constructive community suggestions into the draft before finalizing the RFP. In April, the RFP will be finalized and formally issued, setting the general expectations for the site; developers will be able to bid on the property through May. Bids will be opened at a public meeting of the Gary Redevelopment Commission. Upon verification of references and finances, responsive bidders will be expected to present their proposals at a public meeting. A bid award will be made to the proposal with the greatest public benefit at a subsequent meeting of the Gary Redevelopment Commission.

Development Regulation. Any development will be subject not only to the RFP requirements, but also the City’s zoning process, thus providing another mechanism for public involvement and stewardship. Under the zoning code, the development will be treated as a variance, subject to approval of the Board of Zoning Appeals and the City Council. For any other information related to this project, the Redevelopment Commission welcomes your questions, via email, at jvandyk@ci.gary.in.us.

Finally, we would also invite you to join us on Thursday, March 14, for a public meeting to discuss improvements on Lake Street. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Marshall J. Gardner Center, 540 S. Lake Street. Hope to see you there.

– City of Gary Redevelopment Commission
Figure 1. Lake Street property as it is currently platted.
Figure 2. Lake Street parcels after subdivision.
Figure 3. Plan Commission Notice


The Gary City Plan Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 12 Noon in the City of Gary Municipal Building (City Hall) located at 401 Broadway, Gary, Indiana, on the 2nd Floor in the Council Lounge. PC 19-01 – City of Gary Department of Planning and Redevelopment, 504 Broadway, Gary, Indiana petitioning to Subdivide 24 Acres of an existing 65.5 Acres at approximately 5600-64 Indian Boundary, Gary, Indiana to Transfer from City of Gary to Redevelopment Commission & Parks Department. You may telephone the Gary City Plan Commission at (219) 881-1332 for further information. Also, you may appear before the Plan Commission to voice your opinion and/or concerns regarding this matter.

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