What is 311?

311 is a service request number that any resident can use to report non-emergency problems. Residents may use the Gary 311 smartphone app or call 219-881-1311.

When do I use 311?

Use 311 to report the following: illegal dumping, trees down, potholes, missed garbage/recycling, building violations, streetlights out, abandoned property, health violations, snow removal, flooded streets, property damage, request recycling bin, power outage, hazardous properties, abandoned vehicles, blighted areas, code enforcement, and any other non-emergency issue.

How does 311 work?

Anyone may make a 311 service request by dialing 219-881-1311 or using the Gary 311 smartphone app. The service request will then be redirected to the proper city departments. When the issue is resolved, the submitter should receive a voicemail or text alert. If the issue has not been addressed within 30 days, the request is rerouted back to the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services, which will then make sure that the service request is handled accordingly.

Community Clean-Ups:

Can I request a dumpster?

Yes, but only for community clean ups. We do not provide dumpsters for private use. You must request a dumpster at least a week in advance of your community clean up date. We only provide dumpsters from April to October.

What is a community clean up?

A clean up involving various members of the neighborhood.

How do I apply for a community clean up?

Complete the community clean up application form at our office or email a completed form to mocs@ci.gary.in.us. Please remember to include a flyer for your clean up and before and after pictures.

What is 5x5x5?

The Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services hosts a community clean up at key locations within each of Gary’s 6 districts from spring to autumn. We target 5 square blocks over a period of 5 weeks in each district. Specific times and locations will be posted throughout the season. We are always looking for more volunteers to participate in 5x5x5s! Please contact our office if you are interested.


Who do I contact regarding my application?

Contact the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services at 219-881-4815 or mocs@ci.gary.in.us.

How long does the application take to complete?

The application takes 5 minutes to complete.

Do I have to adhere to a dress code?

Please dress clean and neat.

Can children below the age of 18 volunteer?

Please contact the office you are interested in volunteering with directly for more information.

Will there be someone who can sign off on my volunteer/community service hours?


Are any of the volunteer or internship opportunities paid?


Do I have to volunteer a set number of hours?

Please contact the office you are interested in volunteering with directly for more information.

Can I volunteer with more than one department at one time?


What are the guidelines for the department I am interested in working with?

Please contact the office you are interested in volunteering with directly for more information.

Special Events:

What special events do you coordinate?

The Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services coordinates several big events each year, including Back to School, 4th of July, Blight Buster, Thanksgiving Giveaway, among others.

Can I sponsor an event?

Yes, please call our office at 219-881-4815 or email mocs@ci.gary.in.us for more information and a sponsorship form.

Can I volunteer at an event?

Please call our office at 219-881-4815 or email volunteer@ci.gary.in.us for more information. Complete a waiver and application form either in person at our office or online and send via email.

download waiver and application form.